From time to time we feel uneasy, maybe we feel dis-ease.  Typically, we’ve become conditioned to view these feelings as problems to be fixed, so we look for ways to “fix the problem”. Today, consider that there might be different responses to feelings of unease or dis-ease.  We could be grateful for the feelings, grateful for us noticing the feelings, we could be grateful that we are feeling those feelings.  From that grateful place we can really allow ourselves to feel those feelings.  To breathe deeply and notice in our heart what those feelings are telling us.

For many of us, noticing in our heart will feel strange, because, we are so much more used to noticing in our mind.  And whilst our mind is an amazing thinking tool, our heart is where all our wisdom lies.  Practice noticing the wisdom of your heart, especially with feelings. Listening to the wisdom of your heart opens the way for your feelings to take on completely different meaning.  With the wisdom of our heart, the true meaning of our feelings is available to us, our thinking mind is no longer applying it’s powerful thought and logic to something that is a matter for our heart.

Our heart understands that feelings are not problems to be fixed, quite the opposite, feelings are one of the gifts of being human.  Feelings are indicators of how connected we are with our heart, with our soul, with our purpose. Every feeling of unease or dis-ease is an indicator of dis-connection.  And whilst we are dis-connected we are incapable of love.  We are incapable of truly loving without conditions and that is what true love is.

True love has no conditions attached, yet for most of us any feeling of what we call love for ourselves is conditional.  Perhaps look at love for ourselves as feeling good about ourselves and then the conditions become clearer……  I’ll feel good about myself when I’m promoted, when I have that car, when I can retire, when we’re in that house, when I weigh this much etc etc.

Reflect on your own “rules” for feeling good about yourself.  If you have any rules then you are putting conditions on your love of yourself.  And that is not true love. Without the capability to love ourselves we are incapable of truly (without conditions) loving anyone or anything else.  Imagine a life without true love…… that’s the life that most people live and that is one of he reasons why the world is in the fear-filled state that it’s in.

What’s more, remember how we learned as children, by modeling those that had most influence on us.  So, we are showing the next generation the way, and for the majority, that way is a way without true love.  Is that really what we want for the world?

When we are connected with the wisdom of our heart, when we allow ourselves to experience that wisdom in every moment then we return to love.  What’s more when we are true to our heart then unease and dis-ease melt away.

With love