Do you believe that in every moment, that everyone is doing the best they can based on everything they know?  Do you believe that you are always doing the best you can based on everything you know?

Often we confuse the learning that an experience presents us with and the opportunity to implement that learning with the experience that we’ve been through.  We then give ourselves a hard time because “with hindsight” we can see …… or we could/should have …….   We seem to forget that it was only because we had the experience that we now have those insights!  Without the experience those insights would not be in our life.

Sometimes we’ll give ourselves such a hard time that we decide that we’re not going to embark on similar experiences because we did so badly in the previous experience! Typically, this is because we are so keen to find ways to judge ourselves (and others) rather than to accept the experiences that life makes available to us as gifts.

Acceptance of life’s experiences enables us to readily accept that everyone is doing their best in every moment, based on what they know in that moment.

Return to the original questions and re-frame them; do you accept that you and everyone else is doing the best that they can based on what they know in each and every moment?

Make a commitment to accept that we are all doing our best.  Be accepting for a day and see how that feels for you.

With love