Know that everything is working out perfectly in every moment.  Despite whatever feelings of dis-comfort, pain, hurt might come up from time to time, everything really is working out perfectly.

Usually, if we have feelings that lead us to believe that everything is not working out, it’s because we have expectations.  It’s because we have attempted to predict the future.

Letting go of our need to know the future frees us in so many ways.  Letting go opens us up to accept the present.  Once we remember to accept the present then our expectations fall away and we are free to accept that everything is indeed working out perfectly.

It is our expectations, or to put it another way, our predictions that lie at the root of so much discontent and dis-ease.  Why not accept the perfect uncertainty of the future?  Why not live fully in the only moment we have, which is always the present moment?

Life really is as simple as dropping expectations and living in the present.  Because when we are truly present, we are able to connect with our heart, to revert to our true nature, to revert to being love.

Yet our humanness has a strong desire to imagine that it can predict the future.  This aspect of humanness is one that demonstrates the arrogant, fear based way of being that is sits below the surface of the actions that many of us take every day.

Live in love, in this moment.  Safe in the knowledge that everything is working out perfectly.  Which of course means that everything is perfect right now, including you.

With love